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Minstrel, Psalmist, Lyrical Prophet, Minister, Entertainer & Educational Entertainer


Communications Brand (broadcasting, publishing, internet, one-on-one communication, interpersonal communication, public speaking and mass communication: concerts, poetry readings, poetry books, copies of artwork Myron made as a child and photography art of Myron) specializing in Arts, Entertainment & Culture. Myron is a Recording Artist: Christian Rapper, Christian Hipster, Singer & Musician (Violin, Viola, Piano, English Flute). The brand is under the company: Myron A. Gilmore Jr. Enterprises, LLC.


Artist Genres: Christian Rap, Christian Rock, Christian Poetry, Christian Spoken Word, Christian Impressionism, Christian Improvisation, Hymn, Spirituals, Instrumental, Praise, Worship, Love, Classical. To hire Myron for a gig, contact him through email at

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From the moment Myron A. Gilmore Jr. became an professional artist, Myron A. Gilmore Jr. has been providing Christian Entertainment and Classical Music Entertainment wherever he goes. The brand encourages striving to give God glory in everything it does and works hard to keep developing fine-quality products that Christians will find helpful. Find all that you've been looking for pertaining Myron A. Gilmore Jr. —purchase poetry written by Myron A. Gilmore Jr. and be on the lookout for more products to purchase in the future. Scroll through the site to learn about Myron A. Gilmore Jr. and visit the Brand's YouTube page today to go on the journey as Myron masters the several instruments he plays: @myrona.gilmorejr.

I'm a rapper, hipster, poet, musician and singer (5 octaves normal singing voice: Sisqo, K-Ci, John Legend, Brian McKnight, DeBarge, Eddie Kendricks, Carvin Winans style; 2 octaves distorted singing voice: AC/DC, Scorpions, Led Zeplin, Guns 'N Roses style).  My lyrical ability is similar to Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco, Eminem, Andre 3000, Jay-Z, Sean Price, Lil Wayne, Tupac, Biggie, Common, Mos Def, Q-Tip, T.I., Twista, Kwame, Ice Cube, Tonic, The Ambassador, Swoope, Phanatik, Flame, Shi Line, R-Swift. As an Artist, like Classical Composers: wears performance wigs, like Michael Jackson: wears performance costumes and like Prince: multitalented. Other Instruments that Myron is working on mastering: drums, bongos, tambourine, harmonica, glockenspiel, guitar, bass guitar, cornet, cello, kazoo. As an Artist I've been known as Agent MG (Magnifying God), Scrip (Scripture) and Myron Alonzo…I am Myron A. Gilmore Jr. I've shared a stage with Millie Boy, Willie Akins, Montez Colman, Taylor Moore, Kiesh, MC, Louis ConPhliction, Khalil, Azariah King, Black Stone Poet, King, X Blu Reign, Poet 16 Bars, Poetry 7, Poetic One, MK Stallings, Rychuss Wun, Lightning Poet, Teresa Song Bird, Heaven Sent Souljah's, Remi Plus, Band of Brothers, Rio, Mike Real, Deborah Haferkamp, Ron Vince, Twinda Murry, Leslie Johnson, Dello Thedford, Aunyae Heart, Chazmon Ali, Jeremiah Cry Jackson, InnerGy, Brickz The Poet, Greg The Poet, Xplicit, Spit-Fire. People I've worked with: Dedra Denise, Sinai, Steve T, Father Crop, Da N-A-Cessa, Fluent and the Session Twins. Previous Violin Coaches: Adrian Walker, Ron Vince, James McKay, Deborah Haferkamp, John McGrosso, Darwyn Apple, Dr. Brian Kellum. Previous Viola Coach: Dr. Lenora Anop. Previous Piano Coaches: Suzanne McCollough, Sean Davis, Dr. Paul Higdon. Previous Bass Coach: Finest Gilkey. Previous Guitar Coach: Kieth Wallace. Previous Poetry Coach: Richard Newman. I have a Christian Artist Development program coming soon. I also have a subscription-based program coming soon as well. The subscription-based program will be my Christian message series, The Apostolic View, available for Christian Artists and the everyday Christian alike. The Apostolic View will be an audio series. Thank you for your business.

A Little More About Me

As a Producer, I'm a composer, arranger, orchestrator, conductor, multi-instrumentalist, beatmaker, image consultant (develop artists sound and fashion, help artists find their audience, setting up open mics to help develop artists stage presence, help artists develop their message), songwriter, promoter, talent scout, teacher (music history, music theory, orchestration, piano, poetry, rap, rhythm, songwriting, viola, violin, music arranging, conducting, ear training, counterpoint, praise dancing). As a producer I arrange compositions, run recording sessions, suggest changes to instrumentation, effects, lyrics; I guide the mixing, mastering and recording engineers; I gather ideas and inspiration for projects and develop the vision and direction for each project. I'm also a film editing coach, acting coach, magazine interview coach, investment teacher and distribution coach. I've acted in a Comedy/Horror movie while helping coach the cast on acting techniques and the film crew on film editing techniques. I was taught camera operation and film editing from my home church as a teen. I received the Holy Ghost at the same church when I was 5yrs old, two months prior to my 6th birthday. As a teen, I worked in the media department at my church for 4yrs. I've been a part of an all black youth orchestra as a teen traveling throughout the U.S. playing for professional events, colleges, churches and music festivals. In high school I led a trio to a #1 rating at the Solo and Ensemble State Competition. I've been a part of the E. Desmond Lee Orchestra in high school as well. Even though I attended a visual and performing arts school from elementary to high school, it was in high school where I honed my skills as a soloist from having performance class every week and having to perform in front of a jury. After graduating from college, I attended another college for a semester through their Educard program, where I learned more about performance along with violin and viola fundamentals. I've honed my lyrical abilities through school poetry clubs and open mic nights around the St. Louis area. I received my sense of fashion form one of my uncles. I've played my violin in competitions such as The Word Became Flesh competition and Young Lions competition. I've played violin as a professional gig for The AKA Fashion Etta, Shalom Church Anniversary as a part of The Dello Thedford Symphonic Orchestra, Ephesian Church Family & Friends service and Alton's Annuel Pop Concert as part of The Alton Symphony-Orchestra. I'm a student of artistry and am in the process of perfecting all my artistic talents. As a 4th grader, I received a word from God to praise him on the stringed instruments and that's why I chose to play the violin, but as an adult, God told me to read the rest of the scripture and that's the reason I'm in the process of mastering my other lesser talents. Enjoy my poems and be on the lookout for other products to come. Thank you for your support.

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St. Louis, MO, USA

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